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Feats for simple d20 play (TAFFT system)

There's A Feat For That (TAFFT) is a d20 variant, where Feats, gained every level, define both character abilities and many of the game mechanics.  I'm still struggling with exactly how to handle the idea of skills (inc. Rogue abilities and Notice checks), so this will probably see some revision.

Feats (v0.3)

General Feats
Action Dice: Twice per session, you can add a d6 to any hit, damage, or skill roll.
Expertise: You may opt to roll 2d10 instead of d20 for a single weapon or skill.
Finesse: Use your DEX bonus instead of STR for Melee attacks with Light weapons.
Improved Initiative: +4 Initiative.
Lucky: Once per session, reroll any hit, damage, or skill roll, and take the better roll. May be used on any of your rolls, or an enemy's attack or damage roll, but not enemy saving throws.
Quick: +5 ft Move (may exceed racial limit).
Rapid Reload: Reload times for crossbows reduced by one round.
Resistant: +3 divided among Saves as you like.
Self-Improvement: +1 to one Stat.
Skilled: Pick one from Arcana, Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Diplomacy, History, Insight, Intimidation, Locks & Traps, Medicine, Nature, Notice, Religion, Stealth, Survival, or any Background.  You have +3 on any skill checks.
Veteran: +1 AC.

Cleric Feats
Armored Saint: Your temple provides you with plate armor and the training to use it.
Devout: Once per day, cast an additional spell.
Prophet: Wear no armor, Twice per day, cast an additional spell.

Fighter Feats
Armor Mastery: Armor penalties reduced by 5 ft Move, skill penalties halved.
Cleave: If you drop a foe, get a free attack on another within range.
Combat Reflexes: If an adjacent foe uses a missile weapon, casts a spell, or readies anything that isn't a weapon, you may take a free attack
Flanker: You and an ally both get +2 to hit when you stand on opposite sides of your target.
Heir: Start play with plate armor and a masterwork longsword (+1 damage).
Melee Aggro: +1 Melee Attack.
Missile Aggro: +1 Missile Attack.
Pole Fighter: +1 AC and damage with glaives, halberds, spears, or staffs when used two-handed.
Rage: Once/day, +4 STR, +4 hp, -2 AC for one encounter.
Rapid Shot: Two missile attacks per round at -3, no movement allowed. No crossbows.
Two-Weapon Fighting: Requires a light weapon in your off-hand. You get +1 to hit, even 'to hit' rolls hit w/the primary weapon, odds hit w/the off-hand weapon.
Weapon Specialist: +1 to hit and damage with your chosen weapon.

Mage Feats
Air Affinity: Attack target with blast of air. Target must make Fort save or Small creatures knocked prone, Medium creatures unable to approach.
Arcane Conduit: Cast touch spells to 10 ft with your staff.
Battlefield Adept: May use shortbows or light crossbows.
Cold Affinity: Shoot ray of cold for 1d3 damage at d20 + level + INT bonus at will.
Diviner: Detect Magic at will, active use only.
Earth Affinity: Invest 3 pebbles with elemental potency, +1 to hit, 1d6+1 damage.
Familiar: A small creature is your eyes and ears.
Fiat Lux: Flare or Light at will, only one Light active at a time.
Fire Affinity: Shoot fiery darts for 1d3 damage at d20 + level + INT bonus at will.
Ghost Hand: 5-pound telekinesis.
Illusionist: Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, or Ventriloquism at will.
Versatile: one extra spell in your spell list.
Water Affinity: Breathe water for 1 x level hours/day.

Rogue Feats
Roll With Blow: Once per encounter, take half damage from any physical attack, and move d6+1 squares directly away from the enemy.
Tumble: On a turn when you move but do not attack, any successful attacks on you must reroll to confirm the hit.

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