Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crossbows in GURPS (Low-Tech)

For a recent TL4 game, I wanted an array of crossbows available for purchase, broken down by ST and performance, with commensurate weight, cost, etc.  Thrust damage has breakpoints at odd-numbered ST values, so I skipped the even numbers.


WeaponDamageAccRangeWeightMin STEff STDraw STBulkCostNotes
Crossbow ST 91d+2 imp3180/2255 lbs799-5$125
Crossbow ST 112d-1 imp3220/2756 lbs71111-6$150
Crossbow ST 132d imp3260/3258 lbs81313-7$175
Crossbow ST 152d+1 imp3300/37511 lbs91515-8$200
Composite Crossbow ST 152d+2 imp4375/4509 lbs81515-6$1000Includes Goat's Foot
Steel Crossbow ST 152d+2 imp4375/45015 lbs111530-7$750
Steel Crossbow ST 173d-1 imp4425/51019 lbs121734-8$850
Steel Crossbow ST 193d imp4475/57025 lbs131938-9$950
Steel Crossbow ST 213d+1 imp4525/63033 lbs142142-10$1050
Min ST - Lifting ST required to simply wield the crossbow's mass in combat, independent of its draw strength.

Eff ST - Strength of the crossbow for range and damage purposes.

Draw ST - Lifting ST required to draw the crossbow. Use one of the drawing mechanisms from Low-Tech p.79 to increase your effective Lifting ST.

Crossbow - A simple crossbow, with a wooden prod of ash, hazel, or yew.

Composite Crossbow - Has a nomad-style prod of laminated horn and sinew construction. This example includes a Goat's Foot drawing aid (Low-Tech p.79), allowing a man with Lifting ST 11+ to draw the crossbow while in the saddle.

Steel Crossbow - A steel prod can be much stronger, permitting higher tension and striking power, but cannot be drawn as far. This requires additional mechanical advantage to cock the crossbow.

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