Monday, May 22, 2017

Ogrish Weapons for GURPS

A selection of weapons for larger (SM+1) combatants.  As my friend Greg says, "The bigger they are, the harder they hit."
The commentary below the table is specific to a campaign in which the Ogres of Loren'dil (see GURPS Banestorm) were brought to an alternate Earth, although these ogres are rather more intelligent and civilized than the exemplars from Yrth. 
Ogre Weapons
Melee Weapons
Weapon (Skill)DamageReachParryCostWeightSTNotes
Ball-and-Chain (Flail)sw+5 cr1,20U$16012 lbs18-4/-2 to be Parried/Blocked
no Fencing parry
Fighting Knife (Knife)sw-1 cutC,1-1$802 lbs9
thr+1 impC,1-1---
Great Flail (Two-H Flail)sw+6 cr2,3*0U$20016 lbs20-4/-2 to be Parried/Blocked
no Fencing parry
Mancleaver (Broadsword)sw+2 cut1,20$6507 lbs15Cheap, includes DR 4 cup hilt
thr+2 crC,10---Hilt Punch (uses Brawling or perk)
Ogre Spear (Spear)thr+3 imp1,2*0$808 lbs15Fine spear $240 for +1 damage
w/two handsthr+5 imp1-3*0--14
Ogre Staff (Staff)sw+3 cr1-3+2$208 lbs11
thr+3 cr1-3+2---
Polearm/Spear Butt Strikesw+3 cr1,20U---Uses Staff or perk
thr+3 cr1,20---Uses Staff or perk
Shield bashthr cr1No---
Spiked Axe (Axe/Mace)sw+3 cut10U$24010 lbs18
sw+2 imp10U---Backspike, may get stuck (B405)
thr+2 imp1,20---Topspike
Throwing Mace (Axe/Mace)sw+5 cr10U$4010 lbs18Cheap
Throwing Mace, Small
sw+3 cr10U$306 lbs15Cheap
Warglaive (Polearm)sw+3 cut2,3*0U$16012 lbs14
thr+4 imp1-3*0---
Missile Weapons
Weapon (Skill)DamageAccRangeCostWeightSTBulkNotes
Throwing Mace (Thrown Axe/Mace)sw+5 cr1x0.33/x0.5$4010 lbs18-7Cheap
Throwing Mace, Small (Thrown Axe/Mace)sw+3 cr1x0.5/x1$306 lbs15-5Cheap
Ball-and-Chain - A favored weapon of stronger ogre warriors due to its devastating damage and difficulty to parry, often paired with a shield for defense.
Fighting Knife - Handy enough to serve in Close Combat, the great strength of an ogre can make even this modest implement a fight-ender.
Great Flail - With limited defensive options, this is a weapon for the well-armored, the experienced, or the foolish.  Its Reach of 3 can be a terrifying surprise for those unprepared for it, however.
Mancleaver - Human smiths are sometimes surprised how specific an ogre's request for an upsized broadsword with an enclosed hilt can get, not understanding that the √ßybyklamakynsan is a weapon with a considerable pedigree on Loren'dil.  A properly proportioned mancleaver of even Good quality ($1625) would make a fine presentation gift to an important ogre. 

Ogre Spear - Not every ogre has ST 18. This is an inexpensive weapon that can still do 1d+5 impaling damage at Reach 3 when wielded by a ST 14 ogre.

Polearm/Spear Butt Strike - The perk 'Weapon Adaptation (Butt Strike to Polearm/Spear)' comes in handy for this, especially if the campaign permits Extra Attack, but not the Multistrike enhancement (as I typically run).
Spiked Axe - A one-handed axe possessing both a backspike and a topspike, this weapon is often pointed to as an example of ogrish savagery.  However, in the hand of a skilled user it's surprisingly versatile, akin to a one-handed halberd, with the topspike used for thrusting at range or when in a defensive posture, and the backspike reserved for defeating armor or Hooking techniques.
Throwing Mace - An inexpensive mace or hammer, typically hurled at Range 2-3 just before closing to melee.
Warglaive - Formations of ogres are typically equipped with this, as its reach and power in ogrish hands make it difficult to counter.  Expert practitioners with Staff training and the Form Mastery perk (Martial Arts p.50) can be terrifying.

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