Monday, March 11, 2019

A "Team Transport" limitation for GURPS Supers

A problem I've run into in Supers games (both GURPS and in other systems) is transportation for the team.  In the comics, this is often provided by some iconic aircraft used by the team:  The Avengers have Quinjets, the X-Men use a VTOL SR-71 Blackbird, etc.

For a Supers GM, getting the heroes to the adventure can require a little planning.  I've seen a GM invent a "friend with a helicopter" on the spur of the moment, just to handwave getting us all to where the adventure could happen.  For heroes with flight or other transportation powers, this isn't much of a problem, but the Green Arrows and Wolverines need a little help.

My suggestion here is that, if any of the PCs have a power set that could be extended to provide transportation for the team, for the GM to offer a price break on the power which helps the GM resolve the team transportation problem.  This could be allowing an Alternative Ability, or a -80% Limitation, on something like Warp (for teleportation or magic powers) or Flight (for telekinetics or air elementalists).  This helps the GM with the logistics of getting the PCs where he/she wants them, while also allowing the player to leverage that same ability for other problem-solving, like bringing medics or scientists to an adventure location, evacuating civilians or refugees, etc, in ways that aren't dependent on GM fiat.

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