Thursday, July 19, 2018

Out Of The Abyss (5e) - Introduction and Session 1

Started running a D&D 5e game back in August 2017, using the published hardcover Out Of The Abyss.  I'll post session summaries here. I won't post anything the players can't see, but if you're not playing the adventure, this will include spoilers, so read at your peril. 

PC Roster:
Airut Surma, a female half-drow bard
Dagon, a male bronze dragonborn barbarian
Endra Hammerpants, a female hill dwarf fighter
Jaeq Hael, a male human rogue, ahem, locksmith
Remi Embersight, a female halfling sorcerer

Out Of The Abyss takes the unusual position of starting the PCs in a Drow slaver cell, in the Underdark and without their equipment.  No less than ten NPCs are also present in the cell; if you're planning to run this game, I strongly recommend perusing the internet for key bits of GM assistance that are available.

Endra and Remi's players decided that they knew each other prior to being captured, with Remi serving as an accountant of sorts for Endra's clan.  The other PCs were captured separately by the drow.  For most of the captured, it has taken several weeks of underground travel to reach this place.

The PCs and ten NPCs are being held in a drow cave outpost called Velkynvelve, under the command of Ilvara Mizzrym, a priestess of Lolth.  The dark elves are assisted by a dozen or so quaggoths, shaggy savage creatures who act as guards and warriors for the drow.

The other prisoners are:
Buppido, a male derro
Prince Derendil, a male quaggoth (or polymorphed elf)
Eldeth Feldrun, a female shield dwarf
Jimjar, a male deep gnome
Ront, a male orc
Sarith Kzekarit, a male drow
Shu’ushar The Awakened, a male kuo-toa
Stool, a myconid sprout (renamed Shroom by the PCs)
Topsy, a young female deep gnome
Turvy, a young male deep gnome 

Endra, Buppido, and Sareth are allowed out as a work party, and gather information about the layout of the place.  Ront tries to bully Remi out of the mushroom slop they're being fed by the drow, and Dagon interposes, leading to a brawl that goes on for some time until the drow guards shoot poisoned bolts into the cell, poisoning Ront and critting Dagon.

Some friendly treatment of Shroom reveals that he can emit "rapport spores" that allow him and anyone within 30' to communicate telepathically for an hour.  This overcomes some of the language difficulties in the cell, and plans are laid for a breakout. 

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